Friday, December 16, 2016

Snow Tires, Snow Tired

Dear Reader,

LandLady likes to encourage me by saying "I hope you're writing about this."

At least, I'm pretty sure it's meant as encouragement.  It might be private hopes that if I write the story well enough, I can sell the movie rights and she can demand a cut. After all, the whole plan to buy a house in Bangor and move Dog in with my friends and their three boys (7 and younger) was hatched under her roof.

However, as yet, the whole situation seems very unreal.  It took 3 months from offer to closing.  I signed a lot of papers and took possession of a lot of keys. And then the plumber showed up and there was a lot of banging.  And I extended my lease at LandLady's in hopes that plumbing and heating issues could be resolved before I moved in.

And this house is in Maine where it has finally snowed.  And the driveway has been plowed in.  Dog doesn't want to go outside to run or pee and when she is forced to, she holds each foot off the icy ground in turns.

 Meanwhile, it is 50° in Tulsa and Windsor.

But that doesn't matter now. I have bought a share in the snowy weather and must now close this letter to shop for insulation and dog boots and snow tires.

See LandLady. I am writing about this.
~~ LeAn